Tropical Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium-Artificial-Plant-Grass-2Tropical fish are kept in heated aquariums and require a lot more attention than your average gold fish. Water temperatures need to be carefully maintained and monitored in order to prevent illness and ensure the general well being of the aquarium’s residents.

Most tropical species are from the Amazon  making it vital to reproduce the natural conditions in which a tropical fish live. Much attention needs to be paid to water conditions, water clarity, over all aquarium temperature and filtration.

Harmful contaminates can upset the balance of a tank and result in illness or death. Larger volumes of water aid in the dilution of contaminates – making maintaining a smaller tank generally harder to do. It is also very important to maintain and strike a balance between various nutrient, nitrogen and phosphate cycles in your aquarium.

  • Maintenance:
    • Check the fish for signs of stress and disease.
    • Check to see that the water is not foamy or cloudy.
    • Check for appropriate water temperature.
  • Scheduled Maintenance:
    • Change around 20-30% of the tank water.
    • Clean the gravel with a filtration device.
    • Treat replaced water with water conditioners.


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